Schoenecker Commons, College of Saint Benedict – St. Joseph, MN

As the need for more up-to-date technology rich classrooms arose at the College of Saint Benedict, it was determined that the admissions, business, human resources, institution advancement, and marketing offices would be relocated to three existing buildings (Caedmon, Wendelin, and Artisan Studio) on monastery land adjacent to the campus to dedicate the original Main building to academic classrooms and offices.

Caedmon, built early last century as a stable became the Admissions Center, Artisan Studio built in the 1962 as the monastery carpentry shop with wide open space seemed perfect for the business services and Wendelin, built in the 1950’s as the monastery butcher shop became overflow space and the call center for admissions.

With this project, BTR created a new "front door" to the College of Saint Benedict campus. A new addition not only links business services with the admissions center, but it more importantly serves the campus as a vibrant welcome center to new and prospective students and their families. Linking the history of the college deeply rooted with the Sisters in the adjoining monastery, the Welcome Center is intended to both leave students with a memorable first impression of the college while framing the monastery and historic Chapel in the background.